Wintzell's Serves Over 182,000 Pounds of Oysters Yearly

Wintzell’s Media Center

Wintzell’s Oyster House is a historic landmark on Dauphin Street in Mobile, Alabama, a city that was established more than three hundred years ago.  The original Wintzell’s location has been open for over seventy-five years and is known far and wide for its “oysters—fried, stewed or nude.”  Wintzell’s Oyster House was founded in 1938 by J. Oliver Wintzell and initially began as a small, six-stool oyster bar.  Since then, the restaurant and brand have grown significantly.  Though the Wintzell’s family sold the restaurant in the 1980s, the original décor, complete with walls covered in hundreds of J. Oliver Wintzell’s witty sayings, remains wholly intact.

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